Welcome to Europe End-to-End 2010

Welcome and I hope you can help - it's only money! Yes I know it's your money but it's for a very good cause. I'm 64 years-of-age and on a general run down to the end of my days on this planet - but not just yet! I have probably done more things in one lifetime than many would have done in three; I did things because I wanted to and sometimes because I wanted to do things for someone else, this project is not for an individual but for a whole group of guys and gals who have put their lives and well-being in danger for YOU - because they went to dangerous places at the behest of a Government elected by you, so now please support them.

On the 4th of August 2010 I will set of from the peaceful north Norfolk town of Holt and via Harwich and latterly via the Channel Tunnel I will ride solo on my motorbike some 7400 miles in 20 days from North Cape in Norway to Europa Point in Gibraltar, the most northerly and southerly points of the European mainland. Yes it will hurt; yes I will get wet and cold plus sometimes very hot and most definitely and frequently I will be totally demoralised but there is no gain without pain and the gain is your contribution for Help for Heroes. Please give generously and give today
- Thank You.
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The time has come!
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