Europe End-to-End 2010

Day One - Wednesday 4th August

Departed Holt 1230hs, wet, cold and miserable day - but it would get worst! The two ladies from across the road came out to wave me away and Rosemary ran down to the main road through Little Hills.

Rain got serious at Bury St Edmunds with the thunderstorm starting at Ipswich. Luckily I had opted for full waterproofs, including the ‘duck’ over boots I was still wet at the edges and of course with water inside the visor as well as out visibility was nil - I just followed the lights of the car in front! On a single carriageway section of the A120 a car coming the other way put up such a water splash it impacted on my helmet!

About 20 bikes on the ferry, got chatting to a chap with a BSA, he had been to the BSA National Rally in the UK. Interestingly he worked for DFDS and was on a free trip he commented that the fare and prices were far too high, saying the company knew it had a monopoly and charged accordingly. I did feel rather superior - the only biker with a seat pad (nothing supplied by DFDS!), 20p investment from Holt Carpets.

Supper was taken in the Buffet, indifferent and overpriced. Input all email addresses into laptop and worked out Thursday and Friday route. All my kit dried quickly in the cabin; luckily I had it to myself, which gave me a spare pillow as well. Advance my watch one hour and suddenly it is bedtime, saving up for breakfast in the morning!

Travelled today 107 miles
Total distance covered 107 miles

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