Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Ten - Friday 13th August

Sunny day but got very cold in the afternoon. Departed my little hut and after some local admin - cash machine, chain grease at truck workshop (slightly used aero but offered a very reasonable deal) and fuel. Back on the E6 or North Cape Conveyer as it could be called by 0830hrs. It was a day of tunnels, about 20 various lengths from ˝ mile to six miles, some flat some with a deep dip in the middle, alarmingly steep. Some hot some cold, from a balmy 18 down to single figures and on exit everything steamed up - rear view mirrors, screen, helmet visor and my glasses, it was all guesswork over the next mile! Best tunnel was three miles and turned left all the way to go through 180 deg - to go around the end of a fiord.

Arrived Narvik just after 1800hrs. No cabins available at the one an only camp site, so it was a hotel and not much choice then! Hotel shared with 40 Australians on a Scandinavian Tour. Eat at a local pizza palace, a vegetarian could starve to death up here or eat margarita’s all the time. Currency exchange - bank don’t! Money exchange centres only, seems to be countrywide. Arrived Alta just before 1900hrs.

Travelled today 315 miles
Total distance covered 1287 miles

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