Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Eleven - Saturday 14th August

No early call, the Ďphones broke! My wrist watch/alarm is useless - too quiet, even if I wear it in bed. With the bike parked out in the street all that can be removed last night was for security (Gordon your pannier locking system is spot on - thanks). But it takes me an age to fit everything back on and get loaded up. On the road by 0830hrs and itís wildlife day. A fox crosses the road 100 mts ahead as I exit Narvik, Encountering sheep requires avoiding action about four times, two large deer cross the road 300 mts ahead of me, a mother reindeer with a small offspring were strolling down the centreline of the E6, I pass them at about 5 mph no more than six foot away they seem unperturbed. The youngster has the full TV aerial kit on its head, Iím well impressed.

The weather was rubbish all day, never stopped raining. Cold - got down to single figures and going over one of the mountain passes there was a flurry of snow. Iím unlikely to get all kit dry before the morning plus I need to remove all unnecessary stuff ready for the big push to the Cape in the morning. Arrived at Alta at 1800hrs, bike parked in a totally empty underground car park.

Travelled today 285 miles
Total distance covered 1572 miles

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