Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Thirteen - Monday 16th August

Fairly easy start, weather damp, to sunshine and then warm. Climb out of Alta, on the right bike (and rider - not me!) roads to get your knee down on, bit like going up Glen Coe but 10x longer and not so well surfaced. In Norway it was my experience that any bend that had Armco had damage, in the winter? So much for studded tyres! Crossed into Finland at 12 noon, encountered six groups of Reindeer just family units wandering around feeding, two I saw appeared all white in colour. Stopped at a super little café for tea and cake, with a very efficient postal system as the card I posted to Rosemary arrived in the UK in four days, some take over a week. Had a rather gruesome selection of stuffed animals outside.

Traffic very light and I cruise well above the indicated speed limits, as everyone else also appears to do, dropped out of the Artic Circle at 1540 hrs and out of Finland at 1600 hrs just four hours, must go back! Arrived at Lulea in Sweden just after 1800 hrs, long day and over looking yet another ocean, must find out which?

Travelled today 443 miles
Total distance covered 2311 miles

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