Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Fourteen - Tuesday 17th August

Lulea to Uppsala, both in Sweden.

Travelling down the coastal highway (just keep the Baltic on my left) was a steady run with light traffic although it rained intermittently all day and as I entered Uppsala there was a complete deluge!

The ‘west coast’ route is much easier than going up north through Norway although nothing like as spectacular.

Cruise Control has had to be the modification without which I would have given up and gone home, why don’t all motorbikes have it fitted as standard? On a flowing road with light traffic just select your throttle setting - lock on the friction with the wheel on the bar end - left hand resting lightly on the bar just applying enough counter steering to guide your around bends. Even if the bike is put off course by a bump on a bend the gyroscopic effect of the wheels brings you back into line.

Travelled today 520 miles
Total distance covered 1831 miles

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