Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Fifteen - Wednesday 18th August

Uppsala, Sweden to Eskilstrup, Denmark.

Locally there appeared to be some sort of gathering of the local traffic police, cars, bikes and un-marked cars so I took the opportunity of giving it maximum on the run down to and past Stockholm. It was a boring day (and very long!) the most excitement being stopping for fuel every 150 ms and getting off the bike to stretch my legs every 90 mins. It rained a number of times, sometimes heavy I did stop once and sat it out. I started looking for somewhere to stay when I got to Lund, cabins seem to have disappeared this far south and camping is probably not profitable enough to be advertised off trunk roads.

I went into Malmo and the owner of a cheapie hotel told me there was no hope of finding anything - great! Lets try Denmark, so off over/down Europe’s longest water crossing, last time I did this was with Rosemary on a number 99 bus. Well the other side of Copenhagen I stopped for fuel and as leaving saw a motel sign, it was in the middle of nowhere and at just after 2100 hrs I had a bed, plus a shed to park the bike in.

Travelled today 520 miles
Total distance covered 3351 miles

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