Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Sixteen - Thursday 19th August

Eskilstrup, Denmark to Venlo, Holland

I was only 20 mls from the ferry so managed to get on the 0845 hrs sailing. The ferry is double ended, never turns around to berth even has north and south cafés. There are three ferries and the crossing takes 45 mins I arrived in Germany at 0930hrs. The traffic was completely manic and road surface dubious, two lane Autobahn with lane one full of trucks, 80 yards apart travelling at 60 mph - just an endless convoy, pollution! What happened to the railways and as for electric cars, someone is looking in the wrong place!

Every few mins some ‘richard’ head would come past at 150 mph (serious) in a BMW/Merc/Audi they must have very big accidents out here. Loads of wind farms and just as in the UK at least 20% not going around, is there a technical issue here? The weather went from damp to wet to so wet I parked up under a bridge once until the worst passed over, it’s mainly the visibility issue not just on the outside but also inside of the visor and truck spray. Headed for the Hotel Campanile in Venlo, Rosemary and I have stayed there before which got me discount and a free drink! Gave the bike a check over and lubed the chain.

Travelled today 410 miles
Total distance covered 3761 miles

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