Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Seventeen - Friday 20th August

Venlo, Holland to Orleans, France

Did some shopping before I set out, at last I have an audible alarm clock. Between Venlo and Maastrict I must have changed road numbers at least 20 times after that it was on to the AutoRoute and 7.5 euro to get to Paris. As it was 1630 hrs on a Friday I thought I would be brave, dialled up Arc de Triomphe on the prat-nav and went for it, when it came into sight I stopped, had to park on a central reservation as nothing else available and input Orleans and out I went the other end! Side to side 45 mins, French bikers are complete nutters, no rules at all - so I joined in. It seems to me that the average French motorist has respect for things on two wheels.

Washed up at Mr Bedroom, amazingly cheap, clean but very basic room (shower cubicles down the corridor) and no food. I cooked a two course meal from my camping kit in the car park, plus a couple of brews and with the audience I got probably could have sold some more of my dehydrated goodies.

Travelled today 380 miles
Total distance covered 4141 miles

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