Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Nineteen - Sunday 22nd August

Bidart, France to Salamanca, Spain

Started overcast and humid and then just got hot! Paid tolls on three roads in the first hour and entered Spain at 0930 hrs. Came across the most professional anti-terrorist roadblock I have ever encountered and Iíve bumped into a few over the years. During a fuel stop, itís a three to four times a day thing I asked advice about the best way to get to Algeciras (I did not mention Gibraltar!), from all the input and most people wanted to say something, any route via Madrid was out so I was diverted to the west. At a later stop where there was tourist information I copied down details of four campsites in Salamanca. The road was as boring as it could be and still be paved - as a fact the Romans came this way! Plus so little traffic, the only trucks are heading for Portugal.

I spent an hour doing laps around Salamanca looking for these Ďcampsitesí there are even signs with directions in the city but they never lead anywhere, I asked this biker at some traffic lights, he took me back into the city and pointed out the signs! Had been on the go for over 12-hours by now but donít panic - find an industrial estate. Sure enough a few miles south of the city limits the was this hotel in the middle of the industrial area, 3-star and for 3 euros less that I paid to camp last night, I used the 3 euros to garage the bike in the underground car park.

Travelled today 320 miles
Total distance covered 4881 miles

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