Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Two - Thursday 5th August

The overpriced buffet breakfast was redeemed when an enthusiastic waiter removed my 90% completed meal, so I went back and started from the beginning again!

I disembarked at Esbjerg, Denmark at 1330hrs (UK + 1 Hour) and to get my ‘riding on the wrong side of the road’ up to speed I ignored the motorway and travelled up the west coast on minor roads. It only rained twice, both for about two hours the second time heavy enough to justify sitting it out in a convenient bus shelter.

I arrived early enough at Fredikshavn to catch the 2030hrs hi-speed ferry but it was extra to travel on that boat plus I would not have got any sleep. I had supper locally and returned for the 2230hrs ferry. I was the only bike boarding and as I waited in Lane One I sent my first ‘open air’ eMail to Rosemary via Vodafone Mobile Broadband from the laptop.

On board there were no facilities open and probably well under 100 passengers; I got my head down for a couple of hours sleep.

Travelled today 186 miles
Total distance covered 293 miles

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