Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Twenty - Monday 23rd August

Salamanca to Jerez, both in Spain

Lovely morning, although the sun had not come up when I went to breakfast, it was 20 deg C and just a slight breeze. The road started boring, long arid plains with very few dwellings. Nests on the tops of HT pylons (storks?), a huge solar panel farm (it did not work as it was still 36 deg C!) loads of birds of prey, some singles some twos and threes. There was a large group soaring in the distance, do they have vultures down here? The second part of the day had more interesting roads, some mega bridges and minor tunnels and the road went up to some height.

Met three Italians on Dukes, all had good English, liked the re hydration system I have installed on the bike, although I find I have to slow down to 50 mph to use it. Had an ice cream for lunch (all rolls and sandwiches have meat) just off the motorway, or Autovia (getting fluent!) before encountering traffic chaos around Seville, there is this mega suspension bridge but they probably need another one, as I had a bit of a move on at the time (i.e. any tarmac is good tarmac) I passed the Italians - not trying hard enough! I am staying for two nights in Jerez and have also secured underground parking.

Jerez of course has cobbles and although my great BMW is called a GS, hinting at some off road capability the front suspension judder may call that into question. The white bands painted on roads to indicate where pedestrians should cross, in Spain they are just ‘road art’! After an audit, did the last of the washing and took anything unnecessary off the bike. I walked into town, I was last here 43 years ago, it may have changed! I purchased one more T shirt and a set of AA batts and the omelette and chips again for supper.

Travelled today 351 miles
Total distance covered 5232 miles

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