Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Twenty-One - Tuesday 24th August

Jerez - Gibraltar - Terifa - Jerez

Breakfast 0700 hrs, still dark and 24 deg C. Thick fog for about 30 mls on run down to Gib and the normal chaos getting in and out of the place. Loads of uniforms milling about and waving their arms aimlessly (well nobody takes any notice) if you are going by car (but there will be nowhere to park it when you get in!) allow two to two and a half hours to get in and 90 mins to get out. I did not buy a motorbike to sit in a traffic queue it was about five mins both ways and I never got my passport out of my bag. Europa Point will be nice when the building work has finished, I should have saved my trip for 18 months. Spoke to North Norfolk Radio and took a few photos and it was off to the real most southerly point of Europe. I stopped in Gib Town for a Coke and cool down, parking (well abandoned on the pavement actually) next to Government House, complete with British solider (only one!) on ceremonial guard outside, the pub on the next corner was one of my old haunts (but not when the Navy were in Port!) some 43 years ago and I guarantee it has not seen a coat of paint since then, the loos were much the same as well!

The traffic around Algeciras was mega and mostly stationary, I have now taken to riding through road works on the wrong site of the cones, no sight of any work going on and down the carriageway on the other side of the double white lines - I could get a job as a courier in London! Terifa was very hot and chocablock with Spanish tourists. Despite the Strictly No Entry signs I rode down the causeway as far as the locked gates, there is an old fort and modern lighthouse on the other side. Seeing the CCTV camera mounted in a box high up on the ramparts I waved at it through the gate and pointed to the lock, a couple of mins later a Guardia Civil officer arrived and I asked politely in English if I could come in to photograph the point and he politely replied in Spanish that that would not be possible, so I shook his hand and thanked him. I never did see the ‘guard cat’ (see Street View!) but by now it was mid afternoon and siesta time.

I was back in Jerez by 1500 hrs and after a shower and a cool down did a check of the bike and packed and locked the panniers as I hope not to have to open them on the home run.

Travelled today 186 miles
Total distance covered 5418 miles

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