Europe End-to-End 2010

Day 23 - Thursday 26th August

Salamanca, Spain to Boudreaux, France

Cool and bright morning but it would get hot, windy and humid by lunchtime. On the road by 0830hrs and made the first four hours count by pushing hard. Yesterday only one in 50 cars were French today itís 50/50 although at about half distance at the first road sign with France indicated about 50% of all the traffic disappeared. For the next 100 mls the road was comparatively empty and the section through the Pyrenees, although still motorway has some sharpish bends - donít start looking at the countryside! The B1 tablets I took for a month before I set out wore off yesterday, I am now getting bit by bugs/beasties. Four major traffic hold-ups today all caused by Toll Plazas, one of the tail backs must have been at least three miles, I get through OK but for the cars it must have taken a good 40mins to get to the gate just to pay for the privilege of using the road.

Last 50mls up to Boudreaux must be a contender for the most boring road in Europe - dead straight the other carriageway at least 50 yds away, why the gap plus very little to see left or right. The only mild excitements are the not infrequent speed cameras, as they face oncoming I donít bother to lift. Hotel F1, a first for my last (?) night in Europe. Usual economy box with separate shower cubicles and loos down the corridor but itís OK and very cheap. Front right indicator bulb failed, replaced in car park while I brewed up and prepared Vegetable Bolognese followed by Cream Rice with Apple and Cinnamon. There is a covered seating area at the front of the hotel, just as well as it has started to rain lightly, to sit in the dry and eat.

There is a large detachment of Eastern Europeans staying at the hotel about eight of them are preparing dinner at the table next to mine - their fresh stuff looks a lot more appetising than my dehydrated. With the use of the in-house Wi-Fi I have booked a slot on the ferry for tomorrow afternoon and checked the weather forecast, looks wet on both sides of the Channel so I repack kit to put waterproofs at the top and just have essential day kit in my Tank Bag, all other stuff, hopefully no longer needed is stuffed into Panniers and Orbit Bag.

Travelled today 435 miles
Total distance covered 6203 miles

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