Europe End-to-End 2010

Day 24 - Friday 27th August

Boudreaux, France

Reveille 0530hrs, breakfast 0600hrs and on the road by 0700hrs - last night was the most humid I have experienced outside the Gulf, just amazing plus it rained during the night. Only half a mile to the main road from the hotel but I joined it going in the wrong direction, exit on first slip road - no left turn, turn right and down to next roundabout, all the way around and back up to my main road - no left turn. Down to next roundabout, all the way around and back to my main road - turn right! Thatís better - direction Paris. Iím on the ring road, still dark and the tarmac is wet but air cooler now and I am moving at speed. Large suspension bridge approaches - bump in road and right side mirror falls off mount but is still attached to bike by previously fixed locking wire, which stops it disappearing completely.

I stop at a petrol station and re-fix mirror arm with a few turns of tank (duck) tape, this repair is only missing a cable tie to make it complete! 0830hrs rain, storm is sighted some distance away so am able to stop and get into waterproofs but when it arrives it is a deluge for 10/20 mns and then dry, this happens three more times during the day, later in the day a biker tells me that it has been like this for three days. Countryside now very different, no water shortage this far north, proper fields, real trees and animals grazing. Poitiers, Tours and Le Mans all drift past. Le Mans race circuit, Le Sarthe is the name of the river - more new useless knowledge! Ferry terminal is well down the river through Caen but rain stops as I book into reception so queuing and boarding is in the dry and from gate to ferry only takes 20 mins.

Nice ferry, better than the other four this trip, get a meal and a bit of kip plus everything dries during the 6-hour trip. Sea surprisingly flat plus a cracking sunset and looks dry on the other side. Off the ferry and on the M275 within 5 mins, just a quick stop for fuel and don full waterproofs, to keep the cold out! Fuel and coffee at Stansted Services and home just after 0130hrs. With my four days enforced ĎBMW Restí thatís bang on schedule although I missed out on my day off in Holland, possible gained a day by doing the two extra ferry trips but I was probably too optimistic about the timing for the trip up the west coast of Norway. Thank you for your support - especially Rosemary plus Gordon and Gary and all who followed this project, gave support and asked after my progress. The End

Travelled today 603 miles
Total distance covered 6806 miles

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