Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Three - Friday 6th August

Off the deserted ferry at Gothenburg, Sweden and on to the E6 by 0230hrs, E6 will be the only road No. I will be needing for the next week. I passed by Oslo, Norway during the morning rush hour and stopped near Lillehammer (winter Olympics ‘94?) for a late breakfast.

At 1400hrs it stopped raining so I stopped for petrol, it’s cheaper here than the UK but the Norwegians do dig it out of the ground a few miles off-shore but it is the only thing that is cheaper generally I would think the cost of living is 15%/20% more than at home, a snack and the loan of a spanner (right side mirror kept swinging back at speed) and I was heading north in the sunshine, what could go wrong?

I had just exited Oppdal (I‘ll be back as Arnie would say!) when there was a ‘jolt’ from the bike, I thought I had run over something although I was sure there had been nothing in the road. After about a mile the back wheel started to ‘drift’ from side to side - Puncture! I stopped on the slip road to a junction, no puncture!

A Dutch lad stopped to assist, with the bike on it’s centre stand there was sideways movement in the back wheel, out came the famous 24mm comm. Spanner ¼ of a turn and all was tight again. I set off up the road, after another mile the rear wheel was moving again, I found a better place to stop, unloaded the bike to get at the tools. No play in the hub but there was a binding as the wheel was rotated by hand - Stiff Link in the Chain! Lubed the chain and examined it in detail - no fault found!

Two Norwegian lads arrived, on their way to a wedding! Both worked as techies on the rigs, after rotating, listening and discussion - Right Side Wheel Bearing Failure!

We pushed the bike about ½ mile to a junction where we could get everything off the road and safe. They marked exactly where we were on my map but there was no telephone signal so they went back to Oppdal to arrange assistance. They returned about an hour later and said help would be with me within the next hour. Three hours later Falck Recovery arrived, took my bike to his workshop and drove me around town, by now it was nearly 2300hrs to find a hotel room.

Travelled today 429 miles
Total distance covered 722 miles
(plus 10 on the back of a truck!)

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