Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Four - Saturday 7th August

Oppdal, strange town bit like Twin Peaks if you know what I mean! By lunchtime and after using the resources of the Internet, Tourist Office and telephone directories in Reception it became clear that I was in the wrong town for any engineering assistance, in fact probably nearly any other town in Norway would have been better! I telephoned BMW Recovery & Rescue in the UK, they telephoned back an hour later to tell me that I was there until Monday - make yourself comfortable!

The town was absolutely full, there was a major mountain biking event, like with maybe 1000 competitors and of all ages from I guess 6/7 years of age - it was manic. There were loads of trade stands, technical areas, a huge beer tent and every shop was busting.

I took in the atmo, the rays and a pizza at Pepe’s in the evening.

Travelled today 0 miles
Total distance covered 722 miles

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