Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Five - Sunday 8th August

Oppdal on a sunny Saturday with a major public event in town was an interesting place to be - on an overcast Sunday with no events and the shops shut it was possibly one of the most boring places to be.

There are no buses running locally, nowhere to travel to within a reasonable time! Two trains a day, one in each direction and one of those did not appear to come back!

I sat in my room and was bored and sent emails to everyone I could think of to tell them! You can only watch the same BBC World Service News so many times in a day. Highlights of the day were the calls from BMW in the UK (mind that will stop soon!), just for a chat - perhaps there are screen notes on my job sheet - customer feels suicidal!

Travelled today 0 miles
Total distance covered 722 miles

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