Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Seven - Tuesday 10th August

Mid morning BMW Rescue & Recovery called to tell me my bike would be ready for collection that afternoon, wait for the call!!!!!

Trondheim dealership called after lunch in addition to the bearings, which they had, two spacers were also damaged, nil stock here, nil stock via their normal supply route, BMW Sweden in Malmo. They had been in contact with BMW Germany and from them the parts would not arrive until next Monday!

I telephoned BMW Lind in Norwich, no stock in the UK. I then telephoned BMW Rescue & Recovery in the UK, initially speaking to a unhelpful lady on hanging up I was called back immediately by a bloke, who had been listening to the call, I explained the situation - no interest, nothing to do with us! The policy was - we only do rescue and recovery, nothing at all to do with parts and there is no policy or procedure for intervening, if the parts are going to be a week then you have to wait a week! Customer service and BMW, regretfully I am unable to make up a sentence containing those two words!

Travelled today 0 miles
Total distance covered 722 miles

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