Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Eight - Wednesday 11th August

On the original plan I should have been at North Cape today, but with an appreciation of the roads and speaking to other bikers probably the 12th or even 13th would have more likely.

From discussion with the local dealers I knew any parts had to be ordered by 1000hrs so I was on the ‘phone to them at 0800hrs, I offered to personally pay any shipping costs on the parts from Germany. The dealership got back to me just before lunch, BMW Germany were not prepared to make any special case for a bike stranded in a foreign country even if it was still under warranty - parts Monday!

At 1500hrs I got another call from the dealership, they had telephoned local owners of bikes the same as mine and one had offered his as a source of parts to fix mine. I will have to pay to dismantle and reassemble his bike of course, not covered by warranty (still the words warranty and BMW have a new meaning now!) but hopefully I will be mobile tomorrow - be at the dealership at 1000hrs!

Travelled today 0 miles
Total distance covered 722 miles

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