Europe End-to-End 2010

Day Nine - Thursday 12th August

At the BMW dealers just after 1000hrs bike just being washed. Paid bill - substantial, so much for BMW warranty! Re-packed kit after my enforced rest and away at 1100hrs. Used Sat-Nav to get me through and out of Trondheim, its just E6 and north, idiot proof really. Roads smooth and flowing but hardly any straight bits and low speed limits, 50 to 90 KPH. Very little traffic but loads of road works and to prove the Norwegians have a sense of humour - they tow caravans!

After fuel, lunch and comfort breaks arrived at Mosjoen at 1745hrs. Staying in Hut 20 - about 2m sq, could sleep four (!), no plumbing (that was extra) but has fridge and a two ring hob. Very basic but better than camping, although it has been dry all day (a first!). Pre payment for hot shower, I purchased six minutes - got organised and donít hang about in the morning! Supermarket about 200 mts away, Iíll keep off the dehydrated for as long as possible - Italian salad with a large sliced tomato and cheese spread with peppers on a soft white roll, trifle for afters (well I hope itís trifle as I canít read a word of the packaging just working from the picture on the front). Do the admin, a couple of brews and an early night, Iíll try for Narvik (320 mls) tomorrow.

Travelled today - 250 miles
Total distance covered - 972 miles

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