Europe End-to-End 2010

The time to set off has finally arrived, but it's not going quite according to plan! Track John's progress day-by-day, right here.

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Tuesday 3rd August 2010

Big day tomorrow, leaving Holt at 1230hrs to Harwich for the ferry, given schedule first four days fairly frantic - 2 x ferries and a big push up the E6. I have decided the only way to efficiently collect cash is with a bucket - face-to-face as my two days at Budgens, Holt and one day at Fast Lane, Sheringham proved. Cheque posted to Help for Heroes today, hope to get on the evening 'presentation circuit' on my return to help raise more cash - thanks to all who contributed.

John at Budgens and the amount of money collected at all events

Sunday 4th July 2010

2010 National Road Rally - 3rd July. As part of my preparation for the trip I thought I better do a longish day in the saddle to see if there were any other sort comings with the kit or me. Leaving home in Holt at 0920hrs I travelled to Congleton in Cheshire to start the Rally at 1400hrs, I chose to do the Daylight element of the event with the challenge of travelling a maximum of 275 miles and to visit a maximum number of controls by midnight, with a hope of gaining a Silver Award. My final control was at Wisbech so I was home by 0120hrs. Door-to-door in 15hrs 45mins I travelled 507 miles, got off and on the bike 19 times.

Still to do: The bike is going for a service this week, to include two new tyres. I have still to finish chopping up a European road atlas, laminating the sheets and marking up each one with a daily route. Go for a dental check (13th), two Pro-Mo Days at Budgens, Holt (10th & 31st), get new sunglasses, interview at North Norfolk Radio (29th) plus all the normal working, personal and domestic things of life - 30 days to go, no pressure there then!

See a map of the route from National Road Rally 2010 here!

Monday 28th June 2010

The first of my two 'training' events went well - The Longest Day, England, Coast-to-Coast. I rode up to Robins Hood Bay (between Whitby and Scarborough) on the Sunday to watch the sun come up on Monday 21st June - The Longest Day - at 04:24. I followed the Coast-to-Coast footpath route as closely as possible, although most of it is across National Parks to arrive at St Bees Head to watch the sun set at 21:56. My route took me over 206 miles (the Coast-to-Coast on foot is 195 miles) via some very challenging roads, including a series of five 25% up-hill hairpins and a ferry. The 300-mile run home on the Tuesday was easy, but boring! The weekend was a good test of my camping kit, not used since last June and only confirmed that I hate camping and would much prefer to stay in a hotel!

See some pics from the ride here!

Thursday 10th June 2010


How many things does one have to plan and organise just to ride a motorbike around Europe? Well it's almost endless and as I'm only going to do it once so have to get it right the first time!

  New glasses (my existing sunnies don't fit very well inside my new helmet -
     knock on effect!) - Done.
  Dental check up - Pending.
  Bike Service (a bonus here as I am advised that I get a replacement chain and
    sprocket under a BMW recall) but still expensive - Pending.
  Ferries and B&B, the stretch of water from Harwich to Esbjerg must be the most
    expensive on this planet! - All booked.
  Training - Coast-to-Coast; camping shakedown weekend to include the crossing
    of the English mainland on the longest day of summer  as a proving trial for the
    camping kit, all used previously but a reminder of how awful camping can be!
    2010 Express Insurance National Road Rally, I'm start number 12 and will
    probably travel over 400 miles in 24 hours just to prove I can find my way around
    the UK without prat-nav! But huge fun anyway see -
  Pro-Mo events - Two booked at Budgens supermarket, possible of three in
    Sheringham plus one in Holt still w-i-p.

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