Old Guy On A Bike

John Lewis - I have been riding motorbikes intermittently and not just because I've fallen off occasionally, since I was 16 years-of-age in 1962 although I first sat on a bike when I was two and a bit years-of-age. From modest British 2-strokes in the 60's to various Japanese machines in the 70's and 80's, then a couple of deja vu experiences again with British 'smokers' in the 90's to modern (Indian built)
Royal Enfields after moving to Norfolk in 2000.

Having discovered that I liked the challenge of touring, the planning and organisation are the best bits but doing it is OK as well. I did Lands End to John o' Groats in 2007 and Side-to-Side that's Lowestoft to Ardnamurchan in 2008 both on a Royal Enfield, although new in build it was a single cylinder bike of 1940's design. Fuelled by a little more ambition I purchased a
BMW F650GS Twin in 2009 and did Ireland Bottom-to-Top, travelling 1600 miles in five days. The bike has proved to do all it said on the box and the target of 350/400 miles a day appears achievable. There was a trend here, the targets were getting bigger and the next step was mainland Europe and as I approach my 65th birthday the little challenge of going from North Cape to Europa Point was conceived as - Europe, Top-to-Bottom 2010.

Travelling solo, starting and finishing in Holt, Norfolk I hope to visit the most northerly and southerly points of mainland Europe, 7400 miles in 20 days through 11 countries, some visited twice. Mainly camping but with a couple of B&B's to get the kit dry and scrape the muck off, during the early part of 2010 I have a number of training exercises planned including the crossing of the UK on the longest day, to test the current camping kit and a run on the
National Rally start number 12 which I also did last year in July as an endurance run.

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