My 20 days and nights on-the-road will be split; 15 nights camping, one night on a ferry and four nights in B&B's. Since 2007 when I did my first motorcycle project - Lands End to John o' Groats, I have been testing various options for camping and have settled on:

Tent - Quechua 2-Second Pop-Up, all in one bag, un-zip, shake and your accommodation is ready. It's of reasonable construction and has proved waterproof plus for only 20 from Decathlon after one nights camping it has paid for itself if B&B was the other option. It packs down to 55cm in diameter and sits nicely across the top of the panniers in transit. Make sure you understand the deal for packing it away!! Watch and understand the video at:

Meals - I will not be doing any 'cooking' just adding hot water to freeze dried meals, as Crocodile Dundee said 'you can live off it but it tastes like ****', perhaps an extreme statement but I will be taking any opportunity to grab a real meal on my travels.

Sleeping Bag/Mattress - My sleeping bag has had to be a compromise, cold in the north and hot in the south but I do have a silk liner for both applications plus if it is really cold just take off my boots and jacket and get into bed! My mattress is a real luxury, Therm-A-Rest double thickness - soft in top section and hard in the bottom plus massive ground separation for good insulation. The down side of all this is bulk - I'll live with the extra drag on the bike for a comfortable nights sleep!

Stove - I first saw a JetBoil on TV, on a news programme when they were being unloaded out of the back of a Chinook at a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan by the Royal Marines, well if it is OK for the Bootnecks it will certainly do an ex-Blue Job like me. The performance of the thing is staggering, the first couple of times the water was boiling before I got my brew ready!
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